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    Wuxi Qianfeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Committed to the development, research and production of APIs

    Wuxi Qianfeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a private technological enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of fine chemicals.

    Now, our main products are fine chemicals and catalysts. Especially, our company has successfully developed and produced metal oxidation catalysts with broad market prospects, which can transfer Alcohols (saturated alcohol, unsaturated alcohol, allyl alcohol including aromatic alcohol) into the corresponding aldehydes or acids, or transfer aldehydes into the corresponding acids in oxidized method. Under the guidance of the concept of technological innovation, our company is devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of APIs, and our API products have been put into industrial production now. Upholding such business idea of "quality first, customer supreme", we are doing everything possible to protect the interests of customers and promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises. With sincere attitude, we are looking forward to cooperating with other enterprises and companies for creating a bright future of the chemical industry!

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